The Freshmaker Show

“Hello And Welcome!" - Daryl Grove (1979-2020)

The Freshmaker Show is my twice-weekly streaming radio show. I play a variety of stuff suiting my varied and generally somewhat obscure tastes, including rock, jazz, and soul, much like I played on college radio in the 90s, when I was known as DJ Mentos the Freshmaker (hence the name of this show.) I also hang out on chat during the show, so we can talk about the music or whatever else. It’s something I look forward to every week, and I hope you will, too.


Audio Archives

The aNONradio show is publicly archived. The tilderadio show is not currently archived for reasons beyond my control. Sorry!

Playlist Archives

Episodes with no suffix are the tilderadio show. Episodes with an “a” suffix are the aNONradio show. The aNONradio show started after episode 15 of the tilderadio show; therefore, there are no Episodes 1a-15a.

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