This Has Been The Freshmaker Show

Posted on 2021-10-16

The upcoming 40th episode of The Freshmaker Show, at 0000 UTC on October 19, will be the last.

As I mentioned in my last post, it's become somewhat of a grind to do two shows a week, and with more commitments coming to my schedule this fall and winter, something has to give. So I will draw the Freshmaker Show to a close with a Very Special EpisodeTM this coming week.

Listener counts have been very low on tilderadio the last several weeks, and while I do feel bad for the few people who are still listening, and know that my departure won't help much in that regard, the good news is there are new DJs coming on board at tilderadio that will keep the lights on there and take the channel in new directions. I hope those faithful listeners will show these new DJs the same love that was shown to me when I got started back in January.

I am going to continue doing Giant Steps. I still enjoy doing a show, and there is a lot of jazz territory left to cover with more listeners around to enjoy it. Once I've had time to decompress and relax, I have some other show ideas which I'll try to get onto either tilderadio or aNONradio.

Once again, thank you to everyone who tuned into the Freshmaker Show over these past nine months. Be seeing you...

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