Changes At The Freshmaker Show

Posted on 2021-09-16

For the past eight months and a few weeks, I've been doing The Freshmaker Show, first with a weekly eclectic set on tilderadio, then with a second show on aNONradio, focusing on jazz.

I have called both of these The Freshmaker Show, and I've decided that is a bit confusing. Therefore, starting with tonight's show, I'll be calling the jazz show Giant Steps. (Because I'm a Coltrane fan, and because at 6'4" and 270 pounds, every step I make is a giant step.) Nothing else will be changing for the jazz show.

For the eclectic show, I'll still be calling it The Freshmaker Show, and it'll still air at the same time on tilderadio... for now. To be honest, I'm getting a bit burned out, and if I had to choose one show to draw to a close, it'd be that one. I'd feel bad about it, because tilderadio is where I got my streaming radio start at the beginning of this year, and its listeners have been very loyal, even with the departure of many key DJs from the schedule. So I'm keeping the flame alive for as long as I feel I can. All good things do come to an end, and while the end isn't here yet for either show, I have to be realistic and think about how much longer I can do two shows. The answer is I can still do it, at least for the time being. How much longer is to be determined.

I know this news will disappoint some very loyal listeners, and to you, I'm sorry. The good news is that nothing is changing yet on the tilderadio side, so please continue to tune in at 0000 UTC on Tuesdays. And for the jazz lovers, the newly-renamed Giant Steps is on aNONradio at 0000 UTC on Fridays.

As always, thank you for tuning in and making this fun. I may not have a lot of listeners, but they are engaged and enthusiastic in a way thousands of radio listeners can't be. That's what makes it fun. Cheers!

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